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Michael L. Mitchell also known as A.V. Mitchell is an Inspirational artist. He was born in Baton Rouge, La., where he went to college and also established his career as an artist and also raised in St. Francisville, La. He wrote poetry earlier in life, but didn’t take converting it into music seriously until he was in his late teens. He's a graduate of Southern University A&M College, youth leader, and music minister. A.V. Mitchell has overcome various challenges which are embodied in his music. Music, motivation, and ministry are the key components of his artistry.

He believes that when music is used correctly it is very effective in reaching the mind, will, and emotions of those who hear it. His mission is inspire, empower, and ignite the passion for righteousness, success, and change throughout the world. The ability to convey messages through music is more than a talent or well articulated skill, but it’s a ministerial tool. It’s also a solution to a problem. The problem is the negativity and damnation that’s in the music that the world, mainly the youth, listen to on a day to day basis. A.V. Mitchell is not only a rap artist, he is a dynamic and engaging motivational speaker. He speaks for various youth groups, churches, schools, and organizations. His brand, "DreamTrue" embodies the message that he relays to reach and teach this generation beyond the avenue of music.

Receives Proclamation for Service in Baton Rouge, La. from City Council
    Nominated for U.I.C. 2013 Grind Award in Baton Rouge, La.
    Performs at TBN in Mobile, Alabama in February 2013
    Performs at Urban Soul Café hosted by Myron Butler
Appears on Bobby Jones Presents, March 1, 2013.
Latest Single, “Breaking The Limits” available on iTunes February 22, 2013
Nominated as Rhythm of Gospel Holy Hip Artist of the Year 2013 
    Receives U.I.C. Grind Award in Baton Rouge, La.
Nominated for Prayze Factor Award
Performs for showcases Stellar Awards Weekend / Opens for Canton Jones
    Performs on Dorinda Clark Show May 20, 2014